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How Should I Prepare For Medical School in College

Follow the guidelines below to create a winning medical school application! (If you are starting the process later than your first year of college, use this key to enable you to follow the advice below.) Freshman year Look for possible mentors. Volunteer. Explore Research. Maintain personal interests. Get your feet wet by shadowing. Click here for detailed advice for preparing for med school during freshman year. Sophomore year Start your MCAT prep/review course. Spend time with your mentors. Deepen your commitment to 1-2 favorite volunteer activities. Get some active hands-on clinical experience. Click here for detailed advice for preparing for med school during sophomore year. Junior year Take the MCAT. Ask your mentors for letters of recommendation (July-August). Assume a leadership role in a volunteer organization (August-October). Start journaling (November-December). Start writing your personal statement (January-April). Contribute to research publications. Write your experiences section. Turn in AMCAS primary application (May-June). Click here for detailed advice for preparing for med school during junior year. Senior year Get to work on your secondary applications (July-August). Prep for your interviews (throughout the year). Keep yourself in the present moment. Submit research updates. Revisit those personal interests†¦and relax. Click here for detailed advice for preparing for med school during senior year. Let’s jump right into freshman year. What should you do to get started? What should I do during my freshman year to prepare for medical school? Step 1: Lay a foundation in your science coursework. If you already know you want to go to medical school, then this is the time to focus on your grades. Be careful not to overload your schedule. Overcoming poor grades in your freshman year takes tons of energy and is always an uphill battle. It’s better to start strong. Plus, doing well now prepares you for the upper division coursework in coming years. If you have one difficult class that is weighing you down, visit the professor during office hours and ask questions. They may have a teaching style that you’ve never seen before. Make it your goal to learn everything you can from them, without giving up. Step 2: Look for possible mentors. Mentors are anyone who will guide you with valuable input on your path to medical school. Look to professors, volunteer supervisors, and practicing physicians who seem eager to teach and share their wisdom. Spend extra time learning what they do and ask questions about their career path. If you eventually request a letter of recommendation, you won’t be just another name but a real person they want to help succeed. Step 3: Volunteer. You can volunteer to help others in any way you can imagine, but make sure that it changes you. In other words, don’t volunteer just to look good. Truly giving your time and support can affect you in a personal way and motivate you to do even more. With the right motivation and this approach, you will be amazed at how much you enjoy and benefit from your volunteer experience. Step 4: Explore research opportunities. Getting a position in a lab can be downright competitive. Most labs are looking for their version of a restaurant dishwasher, so don’t be surprised if you get your start cleaning glassware, monitoring supplies, and doing general labor. Think of this as your apprenticeship. Once you show that you are reliable and hardworking, they may move you up to a more interesting role. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are wondering what type of research suits you, ask your professors or mentors for ideas. They may even know of a study that needs volunteers. Step 5: Maintain personal interests. There are so many premed requirements that you may feel like you are putting your own life on hold. Well, of course, you are. However, a bland, boring application does not stand out from the crowd, and a bland, boring life does not make for a caring and compassionate doctor. Make time to pursue your passion for music, art, sports, or other hobbies. Try to fit your practice into small chunks of time, so that you can come back to it whenever you need a break from studying. This will serve you well in future years when you have even less time and need an outlet for stress. Finding the ability to relax and find joy is a valuable skill, so don’t forget to figure out what you love, and do it! Step 6: Get your feet wet by shadowing. This is a great way to get exposure to medical practice, so ideally you should try to observe several different specialties. Then, once you have a direction in mind, look for opportunities to pursue more active volunteering in the years to come. hbspt.cta.load(58291, 'ac360b0f-fe6d-4846-8573-f8705e225171', {}); What should I do during my sophomore year to prepare for medical school? Step 1: Start your MCAT prep/review course. Yes, it’s early, but hopefully you have taken most of the classes needed for the MCAT by the end of this year, so the subjects will be fresh in your mind. If there are some courses you have not yet taken, use this as an intro to help you do better in the class when you take it. Find a review course that provides plenty of practice exams and retake the same ones every few months, even if you did well. It’s the practice that counts! Consider taking the review course full-time during the summer between your sophomore and junior years of college so that you can take the MCAT at the end of the summer. Step 2: Spend time with your mentors. Hopefully by now you have identified a few mentors who will go to bat for you and write a letter of recommendation that is passionate and supportive of your goals. Spend this year getting to know your mentors better. Show up at their office hours, volunteer for a research project, or help grade exams. Find a way to show them your work ethic and people skills. The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized. Step 3: Deepen your commitment to 1-2 favorite volunteer activities. By this point you should have found a volunteer activity that you enjoy. You can cut back on the variety of things you do now and focus on one or two main activities that you are good at and make you feel like your time was well spent. If at all possible, assume responsibility by participating on committees or helping to organize events. Step 4: Explore research opportunities. If you have discovered what type of research you are interested in, now is the time to pursue it on a deeper level. Offer to do a literature search, contribute to a poster, or take on a more serious responsibility. This is the time to develop new skills, so be proactive in your education. Washing beakers for three years will not be the best use of your time. If you find that you don’t love bench work, there are plenty of other ways to gain key research experience. These include clinical research, epidemiological studies, and health economics research, just to name a few. Medical schools find these to be just as relevant to the practice of medicine, if not more so. Ultimately, it’s not the type of research experience that matters to medical schools, but rather paying attention to detail, learning to interpret data, and being able to communicate your findings. If you develop these skills, your research experience will make your overall application stronger. Step 5: Get some active hands-on clinical experience. You’ve done some shadowing, and now is the time for action. Get your hands dirty, or at least find an opportunity to put gloves on. Become a patient educator, a hospital aid, a medical assistant, or some role in which you have contact, either verbal or physical, with actual patients. This activity will show that you are comfortable in a clinical setting and may give you some great things to write about in your personal statement. What should I do during my junior year to prepare for medical school? Step 1: Take the MCAT. If you didn’t take the MCAT over the summer, your junior year is an ideal time to take the MCAT. You have taken all the required coursework, so most of it will be fresh in your mind. You will get your results back well ahead of the application submission, so you can know which schools you are competitive at. And you still have time to retake the exam if needed. Step 2: Ask your mentors for letters of recommendation (July-August). Now is the time to start asking for LORs, before your mentors are hit with dozens of letter requests. Schedule a time to meet with your letter writers and share your goals and accomplishments. Fill them in on your volunteer activities, which they may know nothing about. Some will ask for your resume or CV when they are writing your letter, so get started on this early this year and bring it to the meeting. After talking, ask if they will give you their highest recommendation. If their answer is a wholehearted yes, thank them and ask if there is anything you can do to assist them. If their answer is not yet, ask what you can do to improve. If you sense any negativity, you may need to look for another letter writer. Too many applicants submit ho-hum letters that quickly contribute to rejection. Step 3: Assume a leadership role in a volunteer organization (August-October). Now it’s time to flex your leadership muscles, one of the key qualities that med schools look for in applicants. You can do so by taking on a supervisory role, assuming a decision-making position, mentoring others, or taking your volunteering to the next level. It is better if you can show commitment to an organization over an extended time and discuss how you developed communication and interpersonal skills within that organization. Step 4: Start journaling (November-December). You will soon be writing your personal statement and multiple secondary essays, which for many students is the hardest part of the application. Writing about yourself can make you feel vulnerable and emotional. This often makes us back off and write superficially, just when we are about to come up with something powerful. Journaling is a way to get through this part of it. Spend a few months writing for 10-20 minutes every day. You can write about your experiences, growth, and goal, or anything that comes to mind. Don’t make it too difficult by expecting yourself to come up with a fully developed essay. For now, just get used to putting your ideas and thoughts down and writing about yourself. In either case, they will set the stage for the self-awareness needed to craft a great personal statement. Step 5: Start writing your personal statement (January-April). Personal narrative is a style of writing you may not have learned about in college. It can take several months to write a great essay, so ideally give yourself 3-4 months for writing, editing, rewriting, and polishing. You also have 15 experiences and three most meaningful experiences to get down, so there is a lot of writing to do in this period. Staying organized and setting mini-deadlines for yourself is the key to completing the task. (For comprehensive primary application assistance, our admissions experts are here to help you.) Step 6: Contribute to research publications. Conducting your own study and being first author on a paper are great goals, but not always possible in college. Some students do get their names on posters or publications by working on a small team and making significant contributions to a study. While this is a nice bonus for all your hard work, it is not necessary for medical school admission. Med schools are more interested in what you did, than in what your name is on. Step 7: Write your experiences section. Pay careful attention to the experiences sections. If these are written hastily or without purpose, your application is likely to come across as sloppy and disorganized. Consider each one to be a mini-essay with a beginning, middle, and end. Start with the organization and your role, use the middle to create a snapshot of your responsibilities, or preferably accomplishments, and end with sharing your sense of self-awareness. Look for balance across the experiences. If you talk about your leadership capabilities in one, look for examples of compassion, teamwork, and communication in the others. It’s okay to mention an experience that you discussed in your personal statement, but avoid repeating information. Above all, do not use this small and valuable space to describe the organization/lab/project in minute detail. Your role and how the activity contributed to you becoming a physician should be the take-home message of each experience. Step 8: Turn in AMCAS primary application (May-June). The application usually opens in early May and you can submit about one month later. Medical schools use a rolling application process, which means that they offer more interviews to people who apply early in the cycle. As their class fills up, they have fewer spots to fill, so the selection naturally gets more competitive. Applicants who apply early on have a better chance of getting an interview, so don’t make the mistake of applying late in the cycle. What should I do during my senior year to prepare for medical school? Step 1: Get to work on your secondary applications (July-August). The key to writing your secondary essays is to stay organized. With some schools having as many as five essays, and with most people applying to 10+ programs, the number of documents can start to boggle your mind. In addition to your coursework and other obligations, the secondaries can feel like another full-time job. If you have a break over the summer, use it wisely. Create a spreadsheet of all your secondary applications, the essays, and deadlines. Decide which ones are similar enough to be used in more than one school. This is called â€Å"recycling† essays, and while it can be done effectively, it can also set you up for disaster. Applicants have been known to submit an essay to school A with the name of school B in their essay! This will make you come across to the admissions committee as someone who does not pay attention to details, which is not the impression an aspiring doctor wants to make. Make sure you check each secondary essay you write for these kinds of errors. Another common error is recycling an essay in a way that does not answer the question being asked. Some topics may appear similar at first glance but ask for very different approaches. In this case, recycling makes it appear as if you did not understand the question, which is never a good thing. Reread each essay prompt/question and your answer to decide if you answered the question in its entirety. Sometimes it is easier (and better) to start from scratch. Finally, realize that secondary essays are about showing fit with the specific program sending you the secondary. Unless explicitly asked, your focus should be on â€Å"why this school?† rather than â€Å"why medicine?† Step 2: Prep for your interviews (throughout the year). The invites start coming for some applicants in early Fall, and for others as late as Spring. The best way to prepare for your interviews is to practice, either with your premed advisor (sometimes they offer mock interviews) or with a consultant (we offer med school mock interviews). Most applicants find that their first interview is the hardest, and then they get the hang of it. If your first interview happens to be at your dream school (or is your only interview), do whatever it takes to prepare ahead of time. Step 3: Keep yourself in the present moment. With all the writing about your past and dreaming about your future, you may find your mind wandering instead of staying where it needs to be. The ability to keep your focus on the here and now is an important skill, whether studying for an exam, caring for patients, or analyzing research data. You can practice mindfulness, meditation, or yoga if you need help in this area, but above all, practice staying present. You will find that this focus reduces your stress and improves your ability to perform. Step 4: Submit research updates. The good news: You just got your name on a poster or paper! The bad news: It’s four months after you submitted your primary. This would be a great time to send med schools an update letter. Be careful to keep it succinct and do not repeat things that are already on your application. The last thing they want is another essay to read! Be careful. Some schools do not accept updates. If this is the case, do not send one. â€Å"Failed to follow Directions† is not the pile you want your application to be in. See â€Å"When is the best time to send a letter of interest† for more information. Step 5: Revisit those personal interests†¦and relax. Speaking of stress, you are finishing college, waiting to see if you will become a doctor, anticipating a move to a new city or state, and trying to keep your grades up. All this transition can lead to a lot of stress. Remember those activities you used to do for fun? Go back and revisit them or find some new ones. If you plan to go to med school, your stress is not going away any time soon, and the sooner you find ways to reduce it, the better you will be equipped to handle new challenges. Perhaps the biggest benefit to stress reduction is that, as a doctor, you will soon discover the many ways that stress affects your patient’s health. The most genuine way to teach others how to reduce their stress is if you’ve done it yourself. Practice stress reduction in your daily life and you will not regret it. Use this table to adapt the advice above to a 4-year plan for your needs: Senior Year Matriculation-1 or year of application Junior Year Matriculation-2 or year prior to application Sophomore Year Matriculation-3 or two years prior to application Freshman Year Matriculation-4 or three years prior to application Accepted’s expert medical school admissions consultants can guide you through every step of this process, starting in your freshman year and working with you through your acceptance to medical school. Check out our 2-4 Year Premed Admissions Consulting Packages for more information on how we can help you get ACCEPTED. Get your copy of the Preparing for Medical School in College Timeline! hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "58291", formId: "40538515-972d-4933-9833-258abf157654" }); Related Resources: †¢Ã‚  Get Accepted to Medical School in 2020, a free webinar †¢Ã‚  How an Accepted Med School Admissions Consultant Can Help You †¢Ã‚  What Are Med Schools Looking For?

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Writing an Article Options

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Determining Databases and Data Communications Essay

Determining Databases and Data Communications In the two scenarios there are many ways that they can be solved or worked out to make them fit to the person working with them. They both deal with databases and communications that companies need to consider. In this paper we are going to discuss some of the options that companies or self employed business owners can use. Scenario One Some of the typical fields that could be used would be of the booth equipment by piece, what equipment you will need by piece, what company is shipping the components and the expected arrival date and time. By having all of this information you will be able to use it as a checklist to ensure that you have all the required pieces and components for the trade†¦show more content†¦The best database to use in this scenario would be a personal one. Since a personal database is used more for a small workgroup of fewer than 100 people and normally for fewer than 15 people would work the best, (Kroenke, 2012). The reason this would work the best is because that not everyone in the business work the trade shows so not everyone will need to have access to the database, this will ensure that nothing is inputted incorrectly or misused. A decisions support system would come in handy when deciding on which carrier to hire for the equipment and booth components. By having this system could help keep the cost low for shipping and if the carrier can be responsible you could use them all the time and refer them to other customers. By doing this it will help after the trade show is over and you get all the equipment back to your office in one piece and will not have to do extra paperwork for lost or damaged equipment. Scenario Two The business will only need a LAN. Since the business is small enough and in one geographic location a LAN will be able to support this business, (Kroenke, 2012). With the business having a LAN they can run the cables for it anywhere they want. The LAN also has the capability of having a wireless connection, depending on how far away the employees reside they might be able to use the wireless portion of the LAN as long as they have a WNIC. The business will also requireShow MoreRelatedDetermining Databases and Data Communication1148 Words   |  5 Pagesto the home office, I need to ensure that all components of the booth and equipment have arrived and in case of shipping damage or loss, I handle it. In order to achieve my task efficiently, I need a simple management system to handle it. For each data, I need fields to identify their characteristics. These are as below: 1. Booth components - Name of each component - Quantity of each type of component - Status of the components - Brief description about the components - Instructions forRead MoreDetermining Databases and Data Communications Essay1397 Words   |  6 PagesDetermining Databases and Data Communications BIS 320 University of Phoenix Instructor: Cornell Perry In this paper the writer will seek to respond to the questions designated for both scenarios. This paper will list typical fields for each type of data. Provide an example of two relationships that you need to track. This paper will also answer the questions of: Do you need a database system? If not, can Excel ® handle the data and the output? What are the advantages and disadvantagesRead MoreIdentifying Databases And Data Communication1099 Words   |  5 Pagespaper will identify the best possible decisions used in determining databases and data communication. I will discuss and respond to two scenario-based questions. As a marketing assistant for a company and I have to tracks data about booth components, equipment, shippers, and shipment. I will determine if a database system is suitable or whether an Excel is more appropriate. I will also decide if I will use a personal or enterprise database. In the second scenario I will decide type of networkRead MoreComputer and Points Received1212 Words   |  5 Pages | | Points Received: | 0 of 10 | | Comments: | | | | 4. | Question : | (TCO C) Which common database challenge is illustrated by the text s discussion of receiving multiple pieces of the same direct mail advertising with an identical address? | | | Student Answer: | | Data normalization | | | | Data accuracy | | | | Data redundancy | | | | Data quality | | Instructor Explanation: | p. 231 | | | | Points Received: | 10 of 10 | | Comments:Read MoreCustomer Relationship Management : A Strategy Of Managing Customer Relationships1523 Words   |  7 Pagesthe customer segment and how can the value be enhanced. To create customer profiles includes customer profiles customer demographics, psychographic data, and direct and indirect communications with the company in order to develop product, service offerings, marketing campaigns, growth and retention. Granular data-Highly detailed, highly personalized data specifically structured around an individual customer. Big companies embrace the vision and long –term goal of capturing and retaining customers.Read MoreRole Of Core Technologies On An Effective It System Essay714 Words   |  3 PagesThe core roles of these technologies play an important part to keep this world as we know it to operating on a day to day basis. The basis of the technology that makes IT System useful is Computer Networks, Information Assurance, Wed Technologies, Database, Computer Programs and Programming. In order for IT System to become active first Computer Programs and Programming must be put in place. Computer Programs and Programming are simple terms an executable set of commands for the computer to performRead MoreThe Importance Of Managing Big Data823 Words   |  4 Pagesthe large data of citizens which has up-to date information and is collected from different sources is not an easy task. It requires big financial commitment. For ex, people are not always update their contact information or residence status. While acquiring the information, campaigns also need to be observing their own processes carefully as to reduce the accidental encounters and interviews with citizens who have already been contacted multiple times. Another issue with managing big data that theRead MoreWhy Are Information Systems So Essential For Running And Managing A Business Today?1458 Words   |  6 Pagesbusinesses because they process data from the businesses’ input to generate information t hat is crucial for managing operations. The following points will explain why information systems are important to businesses: †¢ Operational Excellence: Higher profitability can be achieved through improving efficiency of operations. Businesses can achieve this by constantly having the correct amount of stock in stores to make sure customers can always get want they want. †¢ Communications: Information systems playRead MoreProject Designs And Methods Paper987 Words   |  4 Pagescreation and consolidation of Emergency Department Complex Medical Team department records/procedures into an HTML database. The project designs and methods paper will detail the capstone project design and methods used to obtain necessary project related documents. The paper will also look at the role of interdisciplinary collaboration and ethical considerations. The decision to choose database consolidation was based on a need for Complex medical staff to have access to necessary records in order toRead MoreEssay on Mis535 Midterm1750 Words   |  7 Pages| Points Received: | 10 of 10 |    | Comments: | | | |   2. | Question : | (TCO A) Networking and telecommunications technologies, along with computer hardware, software, data management technology, and the people required to run and manage them, constitute an organizations | |    | Student Answer: | |   data management environment |    | | |   networked environment |    | | |   IT infrastructure  (Correct answer) |    | | |   information system |    | Instructor Explanation: |

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The Effects of Smoking Bans on Victims of Exposure to...

The Effects of Smoking Bans on Victims of Exposure to Second Hand Smoke Exposure to second hand smoke, which for the purposes of this report will be designated SHS, poses extremely detrimental health risks for any and all individuals who consider themselves non-smokers, especially young children and pregnant women. SHS is estimated to contribute to heart attacks in nonsmokers and causes nearly 53,800 deaths in the United States alone on an annual basis.1 According to the United States Surgeon General’s report from 2010, tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in this country, causing approximately 443,000 adult deaths from smoking-related illnesses each year.2 Additionally, smoking has been†¦show more content†¦Lung cancer was the most common cancer mortality in men and the second most common in women.6 The study also noted smoking differences in each of the three major language/cultural regions of Switzerland, with the mortality rates higher in the French and Italian speaking regions of the c ountry, reflecting the habits and mortality rates of both France and Italy, where smoking is much more prevalent, and the German region (which is by far the largest) having significantly lower smoking mortality rates, due to Germany’s increased anti-smoking campaigns and laws protecting citizens from SHS.7 Although not as stringent as the US laws forbidding smoking in almost all indoor spaces, Europe’s leading countries are now attempting to curb the use of tobacco products, many for the first time in their histories. All studies have pointed to the extreme dangers SHS provides for pregnant women and children, especially adolescents. In a report published by the Center for Global Tobacco Control, it was demonstrated that efforts to curtail indoor exposure to SHS was working. The results of the study showed that the proportion of US middle and high school students who were exposed to indoor SHS actually declined from 65.5% in 2000 to 40.5% in 2009, with significantS how MoreRelatedSex And Age Disparity Among Teenagers1101 Words   |  5 Pagesand Age Disparity in Teenage Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Anthony Kiprono PH 5302 04/30/2016 Second hand smoke is defined as the combination of smoke emitted by the burning end of cigarette or any other tobacco products and smoke emitted by the smoker. Individuals can be victims of secondhand smoke in various ways and places inkling the safety of being at home, vehicle, workplaces, parks and various public places. According to Jonathan, smoke contains over 200 poisonousRead MoreThe Negative Effects of Smoking1151 Words   |  5 Pagesyou love for the very last time. Smoking is a life-threatening addiction that has brought this tragedy to millions of families at an accelerated pace and not all have been those who do smoke. No one wants to have to deal with tragedy, but nowadays there may be no way to avoid it. Unless, that is, our government intervenes, and puts something into place to end the threat of Secondhand Smoke exposure. I believe the one thing that can be done to avoid this exposure, leading to the unwanted tragedy,Read MoreSmokers in the U.K. and U.S.A. and the Tr eatment of Social Pariahs1773 Words   |  7 Pagesyears, antismoking campaigns has increased due to the harmful effects that are caused by smoking. People smoke not caring about the consequences that it has not only on them, but also on other people. In the U.K and U.S.A, campaign might or might not be effective. This essay seeks to illustrate the cause and effect of antismoking campaigns, T.V advertising, campaigns against smokers not being allowed N.H.S treatment, and the ban of smoking in public places and also illustrating the reasons why similarRead MoreSmoking Is Bad For Your Health749 Words   |  3 PagesSmoking is bad for your health Thesis Statement: Not only is smoking cigarettes bad for the person both short and long term but those around are affected by the secondhand smoke. Summary: With over 300 million smokers around the globe it begs the question how is their choice to smoke cigarettes affecting not only themselves in the short run but also overall. Short term effects include frequent cough, colds, bronchitis, as well as pneumonia. The long-term effects are much grimmer than the short termRead MoreEssay on Contaminated Air: Secondhand Smoke907 Words   |  4 PagesDid you know that you could easily be a victim of breathing toxic fumes and having cancer? As of right now, countless people are being poisoned from the effects of second hand smoking. Many people have heard or seen the effects of smoking and yet they still do it. In this case, it’s not about them but about us. There should be certain areas where smokers can go that won’t affect others because it’s a nuisance and cause unrepairable damage to everyone. Have you ever tried catching your breathRead MoreSmoking Life Away: The Harmful Effects of Smoking Cigarettes1403 Words   |  6 PagesSmoking Life Away Smoke travels far. After the smoke is released, it diffuses and travels in the atmosphere reaching just about anything at a reasonable distance. When one smoker puffs out, it affects that person, somebody across from that person, and the clean air around that person. Ever wonder why warnings and disclaimers are always present with anything that concerns smoking? This is because it is dangerous, and it is harmful , and it should warn you about the lasting impact it leaves youRead MoreEssay on Smoking Risks1748 Words   |  7 Pagesin today’s society is smoking. Yet each year, cigarette smoking kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, homicides, suicides, illegal drugs and fires combined. Smoking is an extremely bad pastime, practiced for centuries, for an individual’s health and those surrounding him/her. People start for many different reasons and get addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. Smoking cause many fatal diseases, but help is available to those who seek it. Cigarette smoking is a disgusting and unhealthyRead MoreSmoking in Public Places Essay1923 Words   |  8 PagesWhy Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places. His bald head rests on a pillow. His bones from his cheeks and shoulders protrude under his skin. His mouth is open, but he cannot respond to his mother, wife or three-year-old son anymore. Doctors say there is no hope for Bryan Lee Curtis, a lung cancer victim. He started smoking when he was 13 years old and he never imagined that 20 years later, smoking would take his life away, leaving his wife and child alone. ‘’I can’t fight anymore’’, Bryan saidRead MoreSecondhand Smoke Kills : Should Smoking Be Banned?1798 Words   |  8 PagesSecondhand smoke kills: Should smoking be banned in public? Cigarettes have caused harm to society and the economy for the past twenty years. They’re not causing a harm to just the people who proceed to use them, but to those who are around it as well. Cigarettes have copious effects on active smokers, and even have tremendous long-term effects on nonsmokers. The entryway that causes effects for active smokers is called ‘mainstream smoke’ and what causes effects for nonsmokers is called ‘secondhandRead MoreThe Cost Of Smoking Cigarettes1833 Words   |  8 Pagesare pivotal in generating more than half of the money they earned from exports, $165 million. So, would we be doing more harm than good by banning the smoking of cigarettes? When investigating the true cost of smoking cigarettes there is an overwhelming amount of research into the multiple effects smoking has on health. The smoke inhaled when smoking a cigarette contains 4,000 compounds which often leave toxic traces in the lungs and other organs. This is one of the biggest contributing factors as

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The Discrimination Of A Male Dominant Company - 1888 Words

Throughout these difficult times in America we have all been faced with things that are more than unfavorable. However, I am pleased to say that the people I have the pleasure to work around and work with don t fit into that category. Like most they have their complaints and have witness or been a part of things that they don t necessarily agree with like the current election, blatant racism in society, or the general unfairness so many of us are subject to. I hate to say it but it s hard to remain above the nonsense. Most of my coworkers are people of color and they enjoyed being American and living in America. In my research the answers were different between my two interviewees but they were very similar in some ways, this was probably because I interviewed a male and female however, I wanted to get two different views from the opposite sex. The company that we work for is a software company, made up of mostly men and maybe about 5% women. Working in a male dominant company can b e difficult for any woman. However, my first interviewee Anusha remains strong doesn t let anyone push her around which was one of the reasons I decided to interview her. What I first noticed about both interviewees were that they were both so pleased to be in America. I sometimes feel as if Americans take living in America for granted, we never truly understand what it feels like to be without. Both of my interviewees’ were excited and happy to do me this favor. They both were appreciativeShow MoreRelatedLack Of Gender Discrimination On The Workplace1203 Words   |  5 Pagesimplemented in the labor force environment, there is still room for improvement. There are numerous individuals who regard gender inequality in the workplace as a myth; however, many companies display an immense resistance to enforce laws that will protect their female employees from unfair and unlawful discrimination. These prejudice actions made against women are based on gendered stereotypes that ultimately place women at a disadvantage. These â€Å" Gendered stereotypes, shared at the societal levelRead Morethe verdict Essay1352 Words   |  6 Pagesimagination. Personal Explanation As I make my journeys through nursing school, it has been awkward in some situations just because I am a male in a female dominated career. My particular reason for choosing this as a topic for my sociological imagination essay is that I have been denied learning opportunities in the clinical settings because of my gender. Male student nurses are expected to be physically stronger than their female peers and are often asked to assist with lifting heavy patientsRead MoreGender Inequality : Gender And Gender982 Words   |  4 Pageswage gap in institutions. For example, jobs are sex segregated based on gender roles and status. The gender gap is based on wages and job positions. This causes for males and women to earn different because of gender. Even if they have the same positions males are look as authority. Men are favored because of the concept of being dominant. Ridgeway says â€Å"Not only the existing sex composition of the job but also the stereotypically gendered nature of the work or the status of the establishment Read MoreEssay on Prejudice and Discrimination in Crash964 Words   |  4 Pagespredominantly about how prejudice plays into people’s everyday lives and how such prejudice usually has negative implications. The characters in the film all had their own prejudices, or a ttitudes judging others in negative ways, which set the stage for discrimination, stereotypes, racism, and scapegoats. Thus, one can see how prejudice plays such a pivotal role in people’s relations with each other. As a result, it is best to analyze this film from a symbolic interactionism point of view by analyzing how theRead MoreDiscrtimination in the Workplace1182 Words   |  5 PagesDiscrimination in the Workplace Introduction Discrimination, prejudice, ethnocentricity and diversity are the challenges of a cohesive workplace environment. For this project I will discuss the need for a culturally diverse environment in the nursing profession, and the plight of Latina woman and her challenges in succeeding in a predominantly Anglo male held role. Learning about different types of discrimination and prejudice will allow us to become culturally sensitive and provide us with the abilityRead MoreGender Roles : An Individual s Appearance915 Words   |  4 PagesIn order for us to describe an individual’s appearance, there is usually a symbolic framework that defines each one of us, whether a certain individual is a male or female. Biology plays a huge part that also helps us distinguished our sex from the moment we are born due to our primary sex characteristics. However, we learned our genders and the roles that come with it through out our life. From the moment we learn to speak and walk and developed our learning skills, we acquire learning behaviorsRead MoreKilling Us Softly 4, By Jean Kilbourne970 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to Newman, sexism refers to â€Å"a system of beliefs that asserts the inferiority of one sex and that justifies discrimination based on gender.† This sexism has a large impact on the daily life of a women through things like social interactions, power differentials, and violence against women. Institutional sexism refers to the â€Å"subordination of â€Å"women that is part of the everyday workings of economics, law, politics, and other social institutions.† The media is one institution that communicatesRead MoreLeadership Prejudices of Men and Women in the Workplace Essay1592 Words   |  7 Pagesstrategies men and women use to break the glass ceiling of the workplace, a focus on the interactions and reactions of a male Chief Executive Officer (CEO) versus a female CEO, leaders hip prejudices among women and women, and various studies regarding leadership of men and women. Because of stereotyping, very little focus is on men within the workplace. However, research shows that male workers face stereotyping as well as women. Therefore, a concentration on this matter will be focused within this paperRead MoreEvaluation Of My Course Project1612 Words   |  7 Pagescurrent employer. Maria has filed a complaint against her company because she believes she was unfairly eliminated as a candidate for a promotion because of her distinctive accent. Maria states that her supervisor informed her that she was not being promoted because he feared that their clients would have trouble understanding her accent. She claims that she is highly qualified for the promotion because of the years she has worked for the company and her educational background. However, the promotionRead MoreGender Inequality in Workforce904 Words   |  4 PagesThe roles and characteristics relat ed to males and females vary according to time and culture (Keating 2003). A concept of male breadwinner model gave important impacts on the Australian economic, politics, culture and social field in early twentieth century (Broomhill and Sharp 2005). However, in the past few decades, there has been gradual changes occurred in the Australian gender order (ibid.). Even though men are the dominant gender in the workforce, due to globalization, women gained more opportunity

Essay about Reflection on Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Reflection on Rime of the Ancient Mariner Samuel Coleridges poem entitled Rime of the Ancient Mariner is written as a ballad, in the general form of the traditional ballad of medieval or early Elizabethan times. Coleridge uses the ballad stanza, a four-line stanza. He is able to achieve a richer, more sweeping sense of the supernatural through these expansions; he is able to move beyond the more domesticated kind of supernaturalism of the four-line stanza. He starts with the usual ballad stanza in the first of the poem, in order to make the reader acquainted with the verse form and with the poetic ethos of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Beer 34). These early stanzas seem to anchor the readers mind. But in the†¦show more content†¦He is condemned to wandering from place to place, where he must tell of his sin until the Second Coming of Christ. Coleridge used the story again in The Wanderings of Cain. Maud Bodkin writes that another great poet, William Wordsworth once said that the Mariner has no character (22-3) . But Charles Lamb, another contemporary of Coleridge, said the ancient Mariner as a character with feelings, faced with such happenings as the poem tells about, dragged [him] along like Tom Pipers magic whistle (House 107). John Livingston Lowes in more recent times spoke of the real protagonists in the poem as the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (Bodkin 20). Irving Babbit echoed Wordsworths criticism in saying that the Mariner does not do anything in the poem beyond shooting the Albatross, that the Mariner does not really act, but is acted upon only, and that the Mariner is an incarnation of the Romantic concern with the solitary (House 104-5). And a critic named George Herbert Clarke has interpreted the ancient Mariner to be at one and the same time himself as a real character in the poem, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and all men; the Mariner is Representative Man, sinning, being punished, being redeemed (Beer 31). I imagine that one possibility, perhaps the best one, is to c onsider the Mariner as a poet more than a character in the sense in which we associate personality with characters in literature. As a poetShow MoreRelatedColeridges in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan816 Words   |  4 Pages How Does Coleridge in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan Show the Interrelatedness Between Mankind, Nature and the Poetic Experience? Coleridge expresses many thoughtful and rather intense ideas in his poetry, through using either peculiar or common images of all forms of nature ie human, environmental or supernatural. His poetic expression is unique in its use of extraordinary imagery and transition of mood yet he what he creates usually conforms to numerous literary techniquesRead More Comparing Nature in Wordsworth’s Ruined Cottage, and Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner2911 Words   |  12 PagesComparing the Representation of Nature in Wordsworth’s Ruined Cottage, and Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner For most poets of the Romantic Age, nature played an invaluable role in their works. Man’s existence could be affected and explained by the presence and portrayal of the external nature surrounding it. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are no different from the other Romantic poets, and their works abound with references to nature and its correlation toRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Samuel Taylor Coleridge3984 Words   |  16 Pagesfelt that in the midst of some horror, people may tend to think that God has left them, and then they would blame their mental disease on demons. He expressed this message through the protagonist he created in his longest poem â€Å"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.† The Mariner experiences this exact problem throughout the story. Coleridge did not want his readers to think of God as punishing, and he could not accept the fact that madness has no connection with sin. He analyzed the evidence for each sideRead MoreSam uel Taylor Coleridge: English Poet Essay1111 Words   |  5 PagesSchool 1). It is described that during this period that he wrote some of what were to become his most popular works, including the Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan and Frost at Midnight. In 1798 he published Lyrical Ballads anonymously with William Wordsworth, which included his famous Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Coleridge 1). The collaboration on â€Å"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner† is interesting on several counts. It underlines the collective activity involved in the induction of the new poetic idiom whichRead MoreLord Byron And Childe Harolds Pilgrimage By Samuel Taylor Coleridge1075 Words   |  5 Pagestravels and reflections of a young man who, â€Å"grown aged in this world of woe, In deeds, not years, piercing the depths of life† (lines 37-38) disillusioned with a life of pleasure, looks for distractions in foreign lands. It is semi-autobiographical since Byron himself traveled through Portugal, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. It is written differently than other Romantics would typically write something of this nature: while Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and usedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 948 Words   |  4 Pagesresponse to issues that plagued a specific moment in time. Robert Southey s poem, â€Å"The Sailor Who Had Served in the Slave Trade†, presents an important reflection on the cruelty of the slave trade and appoints Christian values as a means towards redemption. Southey s poem seems to have been inspired by Samuel T Coleridge s â€Å"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner†, however, his focus in the poem shifts away from vivid imagery into a thought provoking tale of the Middle Passage. The poem focuses on two men.Read MoreEssay on The True, the Beautiful and the Good1967 Words   |  8 Pagesundoubtedly, his writings must be the best explanation of the Beautiful. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, written in the form of ballad, is like an unforgettable piece of song. Coleridge uses simple words with an attempt to tell a vivid story about desire, sin, and punishment. The characteristic of imaginary in literature is that it can bring readers into the scene where the stories depict. In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the cold sea is just like the epitome of the unmerciful present world. ThereRead MoreTechniques1400 Words   |  6 Pagesseems irreconcilable, but with deeper reflection proves to be a truth. A paradox that is frequent in literature is birth in death which refers to the nature of the life cycle. PARODY is a conscious imitation of another work usually for a satiric purpose eg. I love a sunburnt country a land of open drains... REPETITION of words is used to add emphasis eg. Alone, alone, all, all alone Alone on a wide, wide sea from THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER by Samuel Taylor Coleridge PERSONIFICATION Read MoreComparing The Sick Equation by Brian patten and Long Distance by Tony Harrison1484 Words   |  6 Pageshas resulted in him becoming a lonely man with no one to love. Both poems are exceedingly diverse in relation to style as well. In Long Distance, the poem looks very neat and tidy on the page, which, it could be argued, is a reflection of what Harrisons childhood was like - orderly and precise. The poem follows the rhyme scheme of ABAB, however, it changes for the last stanza to ABBA because we are now seeing things from Harrisons perspective. The poem is a Read MoreExpressions Of Grief, Loss And Mourning Essay1957 Words   |  8 Pageslocations of grief allow for a greater understanding of how the subject of loss could be considered sublime and the ways in which it reflects Romantic society at large. By examining the locations or settings authors used as a backdrop for their reflections on death or loss, the reader is able to gain a sense for the ways in which grief was handled, the ways in which a changing cultural landscape were expressed in literature through loss and the spaces associated with mourning. Wordsworth used setting

Strategic Management Strategic Scanning and Learning

Question: Discuss about the case study Strategic Management for Strategic Scanning and Learning. Answer: Synopsis The article discusses the steps necessary for the strategic management of an organization. The role of strategy is described as the different roles in the organization carried out by the different elements that are part of the organization. To implement the strategic management in an organization there are some preliminary tasks have to be completed first which is mostly about gathering knowledge about the environment the organization operates in along with the condition of the organization itself. The environment analysis is portrayed as the necessary way of gathering said information which help in the strategic decision making process. The environment analysis is divided into two parts external environment analysis that concerns the market conditions and internal analysis that is based on the processes internal to the organization (Drejer, 2004). The external environment analysis is done with the help of tools like PESTLE analysis that analyses macro environmental factors, SWOT analysis that analyses the micro environmental factors and porters five forces analysis that investigates the industry and the competition. Although useful to the extreme, the external environment analysis can not detract from the importance of internal analysis that is necessary to get the full picture as the internal analysis provide information about the operation and performance efficiency of the organization. A change in an organization is dependent on the independence of new strategy from previous ones so the nature of change depends on the impact of the new strategy (Judge, 2011). Knowledge management is necessary for the plan to succeed as the decision making process depends upon the readily available information (Tobin, 1998). Critique The article is right about the importance of internal and external analysis on the strategic management and the maintenance of the knowledge management standards. However, the limitation of one type of analysis from the other and the different types of information about the market and the organization that can be found from the different sources is unclear. It is indistinct about the individual importance of the different types of analysis and their contribution to the overall strategic planning of the future steps of the management. The knowledge management standards of the country and the different ways the strategic planning can be affected by the analysis is given but again no single tool or process has not been separated in the article (Jashapara, 2011). The role of knowledge management is given in the article as examples but their complete scope is not demonstrated with examples. Reflection It is easy to understand that the author of the article was focusing on the basic information about a process that can be quite complex in case of a specific organization so the information that is provided are the bare minimum. The framework for strategic planning is provided which can help in the understanding of the full process of strategic management. However, the information provided is too basic and brief for practical implementation without any other supporting document. To reflect on the purpose of the article and its scope, it can be said that the basic guideline of strategic management has been provided for better understanding of the process. References Drejer, A. (2004).Strategic scanning and learning in the new competitive landscape. Aarhus: Department of Organization and Mangement, Faculty of Business Administration, The Aarhus School of Business. Jashapara, A. (2011).Knowledge management. Harlow, Essex: Pearson/Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Judge, W. (2011).Building organizational capacity for change. New York: Business Expert Press. Tobin, D. (1998).The knowledge-enabled organization. New York: Amacon.